A collection of testimonials from our students, parents, and event attendees!

"I joined [Codefy's classes] because I am not a very tech savvy person and wanted to learn more about coding. The python class [is] very informative and has taught me a lot of new & interesting concepts." 

"Would highly recommend!"

-Sania Naik, Python (Basic) Student

"I enjoyed it a lot. My favorite part was understanding why I got errors in my program and ... fixing them afterwards."

-Aravind Achyuthan, Java (Basic) Student

"The communications and the way [which] the classes are run is so organized and clear. [My son] has learned so much in just three classes and is always excited to show his work once the class is done. Thank you for all that you're doing to encourage and inspire all of the kids who are in your classes!"

-Jenn H., Parent of Python (Basic) Student

I enjoyed [the class]! [My mentor] really helped me a lot today with the Grocery list project. I needed it, to be honest :)

-Gowri Balagopal, Python (Basic) Student

"My 40-minute breakout host was respectful, kind, caring, patient, and did not give any attitude at all. She tremendously helped me and I thank her for that!"

-Khyber Zaheer, Java (Basic) Student

It was a very smooth class and very helpful!

-Sudeep Orvoy, Java (Basic) Student

I loved it! The format was great, the mentors were super nice and funny!

-Allison L., Scratch Student