Engaging and competitive events

Tune into an online seminar with an accomplished guest speaker, or compete against hundreds of other participants for a shot at winning valuable prizes!

About our events

Every few months, Codefy hosts engaging workshops, seminars, and competitions free-of-charge to everybody! During our events, participants can learn how to build games, use Artificial Intelligence, hack into digital systems for a prize, and so much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each one of our events works differently! However, all of our events will be orientated towards individuals in grade levels K-12.

Currently, all of our events are held online at specific times through multiple communication platforms. (such as Slack, Zoom, and Discord) 

Each event works differently! Please visit your individual event's website for more information.

Attendance to all of our events is absolutely free! We are able to hold these events through the generous support of our attendees, students, and sponsoring corporations.

Upcoming Events

Planned events occurring in the near future!

Codefy CTF                     


The Codefy Capture-the-flag competition, (CTF) is an online event where competitors solve digital challenges in exchange for a "flag" which can be submitted for points. The team or individual with the most points wins the competition!

We're still planning out this event! Please check back for future updates!

Hackdefy 2.0


Codefy is hosting another Hackathon! Check back for future updates!

Codefy Hackathon                     

August 14-16

Codefy hosted a Hackathon event with over 200 contestants! Thank you to all of those who attended our first-ever Hackathon!

To view our winning submissions, please see the websites below!

All SubmissionsHackathon Website

AI Workshop

August 8-9

Codefy hosted an online AI workshop in collaboration with StartOnAI! 

Thank you to StartOnAI and all of our participants for making this possible!

StartOnAI's Website

Completed Events

The aftermath of our completed events!