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About our classes

Every week, Codefy hosts a variety of free online classes which cover various programming languages and fields of computer science. Each class is held on a weekly basis through online video conferences and are taught by experienced youth instructors utilizing a combination of slideshows, games, and projects.

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Class Structure

A typical list of events for our classes! (From First to Last)


Students enroll into one of our classes using our online enrollment system. After enrolling, the student can attend the class through digital zoom conferences held at specific times.


A typical class lasts 90 minutes, with the initial 45 minutes being devoted to slideshow instruction and the final 45 minutes being devoted to various projects and games meant to reinforce the preceding lesson. Instructors & mentors will be present throughout the entire class to answer any questions and guide students through their in-class assignments.


After class, students & absentees can review class material using class recordings provided shortly after each class. In most cases, consecutive classes will be held to address any outstanding topics which weren't covered due to time limitations. Most proceeding classes will be held at the same time & day of the week, exactly one week from the preceding class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can sign up for our classes using our online enrollment system! A detailed explanation is provided below. 

A step-by-step guide on how to sign up for classes:

  1. Go to https://enrollment.codefycs.org/login
    and create an account using your personal email address. 
  2. Once you are logged in, navigate to our class list and select the class which you want to take! You should then see a collection of individual lessons & available sessions.
  3. Open the drop-down menu under "Sessions" and select the proper session. A box with the class schedule should appear.
  4. Expand the lower drop-down menu and select the class time which you want to attend. You are now enrolled in that class!

You may find our class material within the individual class pages located on our online enrollment system. Please note that in order to view class material, you must be logged in & enrolled in the respective class!

Absolutely! We have no limit to the number of enrollments which you can make. However, we kindly ask that you only enroll into the classes which you are able to attend on a consistent basis.

To enroll multiple children, please create an individual account for each child & repeat the enrollment process accordingly.

Although we have no strict attendance requirements, we do kindly ask that our students attend their classes on a regular basis.

There are no penalties for withdrawing from any class, so if you find that you are unable to continue attending a class, feel free to withdraw from it!

All of our classes are held on a session basis, each of which lasts approximately three weeks.

This means that each class is held on a regular schedule over individual 3-week periods. The end of each period (session) marks the the end of each class, where all of the class's current students will be dismissed and the class will restart to accommodate new students. 

Nothing! We offer all of our classes free-of-charge to anybody with a working computer & stable internet connection. 
We are able to provide these classes through the generous support of our students, parents, sponsors, and staff!

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