About us

Information about our founders and staff!

Our Founders

Lucy Chen

Executive Director

Anaum Khan

Executive Director

Our Staff

Codefy's Department of Technology focuses on creating and maintaining modern digital infrastructure for the organization's staff and students.

Brayden Huang

Executive Director of Technology

Joseph Semrai

Head of Information Technology

Nihal Shah

Head of Internal Communications

Codefy's Department of Outreach focuses on securing partnerships with students, parents, volunteers, and other organizations in order to bolster our total impact on the worldwide community.

Varshini Subramanian

Co-Director of Outreach

Kaavya Radhakrishnan

Co-Director of Outreach

Meghana Gopannagari

Head of Student Outreach

Caroline Xu

Head of Volunteer Outreach

Zachary Tam

Head of Parental Outreach

Eban Ebssa

Head of Partnerships

William Knoff

Head of Regional Branch (NYC)

Meryl Liu

Head of Regional Branch (Florida)

Codefy's Department of Marketing focuses on attracting students and staff to the organization through the creation of visual artifacts and the management of our social  media & online advertising campaigns. 

Meryl Liu

Executive Director of Marketing

Dhriti Posa

Head of Social Media

Abirami Krishnan

Head of Graphic Design

Trishal Muthan

Instagram Manager

Charu Mehta

Facebook Manager

Onur Gunduz

Twitter Manager

Francesca Lee

LinkedIn Manager

Codefy's Department of Communications focuses on writing editorials and crafting digital resources to benefit our organization's students & staff.

Sydney Belt

Executive Director of Communications

Michelle Ru

Head of Research & Outreach

Ananda Kalukin


Anvi Padiyar

Staff Writer

Aishwarya Chakravarthy

Staff Writer

Alisha Qian


Sami Khan

Website Manager

Codefy's Department of Finance manages our legal and financial aspects to the benefit of our organization's core mission.

Caroline Chen

Executive Director of Finance

Anwitha Kollipara

Expense Manager

Codefy's Department of Sponsorship focuses on raising donations from individuals and corporate sponsors in order to keep our services free for everybody!

Kashika Dhanjal

Executive Director of Sponsorship

Codefy's Department of Events focuses on hosting fun & engaging events for individuals of all ages and backgrounds!

Michael Fatemi

Co-Director of Events

Saloni Bedi

Co-Director of Events

Codefy's Department of Class manages the curriculum, scheduling and operation of our online classes!

Alison Buckler

Co-Director of Classes

Leena Bacha

Co-Director of Classes

Snehal Oberai

Co-Director of Classes

Jack Ellinger

Co-Director of Classes